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Feb. 21, 2021

+business management °interview @HBR ^Life’s Work: An Interview with Ernő Rubik #innovation +productivity °review #HBR ^Unartificial Intelligence #deepwork +technology °article @NZZaS ^Wie viel verdient Google mit unseren Daten? #privacy °article @FT ^Google fires top AI ethicist #ai #ethicsContinue readingFeb. 21, 2021


Dec. 27, 2020

+minimalism °article @NZZaS ^Er will mit Mitte 40 in Rente: «Mein Ziel ist, finanziell frei zu sein» #fire °article @NZZaS ^Doch, der Ausbruch aus dem Hamsterrad ist möglich #essentialism +productivity °article @NZZaS ^So kriegen Sie die E-Mail-Flut in den Griff #tools +technology °article @NZZaS ^«Ohne Reply-Taste gibt es keinen Raum für Trolle», sagt Taiwans Digitalministerin…Continue readingDec. 27, 2020

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Jun. 24, 2020

+finance °article @FT ^Bullish investors pull $105bn from US money market funds in four weeks #markets °article @FT ^Volatility forces closures of Credit Suisse VelocityShares #stocks °article @FT ^Coronavirus gives ‘health halo’ products a boost #markets +minimalism °blog @Freedom ^Hector Hughes: Enjoying The Small Things is More Than Enough #essentialism +music °review @FT ^Norah Jones:…Continue readingJun. 24, 2020

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Jun. 18, 2020

+business management °article @MIT SMR ^Should Businesses Stop Flying to Fight Climate Change? #future °article @MIT SMR ^You’re Going Digital — Now What? #digitalization #strategy +finance °article @NZZ ^Die Corona-Krise lässt gewisse Themenfonds alt aussehen #stocks +productivity °blog @Barking up the wrong tree ^Stay Focused: 5 Ways To Increase Your Attention Span #deepwork +technology °article…Continue readingJun. 18, 2020

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+business management °article @WSJ >>Bill Gates Has Regrets °article @Republik >>Chaostage in Willisau +finance °article @The Market >>Vifor Pharma tritt in eine neue Ära °article @The Market >>Mit dem Nasdaq 100 auf Wachstum wetten °article @WSJ >>High-Tech Push Boosts China’s Chipmakers +minimalism °video @The Minimalists >>How do I consume media more intentionally? +music °article @FT…Continue reading200520